Baroida Papua New Guinea Espresso

Baroida Papua New Guinea Espresso

Ben Colbran acquired the Baroida Estate in the 1960s incentivized by the local government to attract foreign agriculturist investing in the land. Doing so, the Colbrans pioneered in growing coffee in the Eastern Highlands. More specifically in Aiyura, Kianantu District. Showing resilience to the political turmoil over the years, the estate became known under the name Baroida. The name refers to a spirit residing in a large boulder sitting in one of the rivers that run through the estate. The boulder has been there ever since the locals can remember and can be related to the ability of the Colbrans to withstand tough times and to continue their development in producing great coffees.

Variety: Heirloom 
Processing: Fully Washed
Crop year: 2018

Flavor Notes:

- Orange zest
- Elderflower
- Dark chocolate

Cupping score: 86