San Francisco El Salvador Espresso

San Francisco El Salvador Espresso

La Cabana is a tablon (block) in side the greater San Francisco farm at really high altitudes for Salvador. This coffees are grown at about 1490 MASL. The cultivars grown is Red Catuai. It consists of 7 hectares in an area well known for sweet, delicate and classic El Salvadorian coffees. The producer is innovative in ways of processing and farming. They separate everything by days of picking and do different processes, fermentation and drying techniques depending on capacity and potential of the lot. This lot is part of a project to develop different types of naturals. In this case it is produced as a natural dried carefully on raised beds. The drying will affect the amount of fruit flavor and fermentation. They manage the flavor development and drying times by building up layers and resting the coffees in piles.

Variety: Catuai 
Processing: Natural
Crop year: 2018

Flavor Notes:

- Orange
- Dark chocolate
- Brown spice

Cupping score: 88