Nosegrind Natural Blend

Nosegrind Natural Blend

This blend consists of 2 components:

- Ethiopia 'Wolichu Wachu' natural. 

Wolichu Wachu is a washing station located in the Guji growing region of Oromia. It is part of the Harso Haru Mude Farmer Cooperative. Wolichu Wachu is a new washing station that started its activities in 2017. The advantage of being recently built is that its construction could integrate all new insights into coffee processing

- Nicaragua 'La Tormenta' natural.

Close to the Honduran border, lies Francisco Irene Olivera’s farm called “La Tormenta”. The coffee farm lies at an altitude around 1500m. On 10 hectares, he grows Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, red & yellow Catuai and Maragogype. La Tormenta is located on the slopes of La Picona mountain near the town of Buenos Aires in the Dipilto micro-region of Nueva Segovia.

The taste profile of these coffees together will give you a sweet, funky espresso with notes of blueberry, chocolate and citrus.

Composition: 70% Nicaragua - 30% Ethiopia - 100% funk.

Variety: Catuai, Heirloom (Ethiopia)
Processing: All-natural
Crop year: 2017

Flavor notes:

- Blueberry 
- Chocolate 
- Funk 
- Citrus