La Tormenta Nicaragua Filter

La Tormenta Nicaragua Filter

Close to the Honduran border (about 10km), lies Francisco Irene Olivera’s farm called “La Tormenta”. The coffee farm lies at an altitude around 1500m. On 10 hectares, he grows Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, red & yellow Catuai and Maragogype. La Tormenta is located on the slopes of La Picona mountain near the town of Buenos Aires in the Dipilto micro-region of Nueva Segovia. Before the year of the revolution in Nicaragua, La Tormenta was a family farm. Due to unpayable debts the family had to sell the land.

In 1999, Francisco Irene Olivera bought the farm from the bank. Back then, the farm hadn’t been maintained for a while and the plants were old. Olivera started replanting with new varieties on a 12 acre plot. Nowadays, he produces 200 quintals of parchment coffee, next to cassava, potato and corn. In 2011, his great attention to detail in picking and processing brought him to the 5th spot in the Cup of Excellence program with a washed Maragogype.

Variety: Catuai 
Processing: Natural
Crop year: 2016 (vac-pac)

Flavor Notes:

- Black cherry 
- Sweet
- Milk chocolate 

Cupping score: 86