Colombia Eider Munoz Filter

Colombia Eider Munoz Filter




Single origin Light Filter Roast

Peach, Mango, Balanced Acidity


Farmer Eider is 32 years old. He has three brothers and two sisters. When their parents died, they gave all their children 1/5 of their coffee land, but he alone takes care of all of it. His sisters work in Cali and Bogota and his brothers live with him in the house.

His brothers help the Lasso Argote family with picking, sorting, hulling and importantly, lifting all the bags into the container annually. Only one of his brothers, John, is really enthusiastic about coffee farming and has been helping Efrain to experiment with organic compost and makes his own cascara. Eider is married and has one daughter.


COUNTRY: Colombia

REGION:  Nariño

 CULTIVAR: Caturra




Cupping score: 87