Finca Tamana Colombia Filter

Finca Tamana Colombia Filter

Elias Roa early harvests in May – July 2012. The farm is located in the mountains near El Pital in Huila where the climate is constantly changing with scattered showers almost every day. The area in general produces a lot of coffees with bright citric acidity, a lot of berry notes and juicy mouthfeel. However, it is hard to get big volumes of high quality from this area as most farms are 2 hectares or less of size and the farmers are not being thorough enough with the picking and processing. That is why we decided early on to work with Elias when he told us he had purchased a farm with 63 hectares.
He has made a lot of progress in improving the quality of the coffee. Here are some of the most important changes he has made: - Improved the picking and implemented sorting of all coffee cherries before it is delivered and processed. - Improved and cleaned the fermentation and washing process to make sure the product is super clean. - Improved the drying process by drying the coffee in shade. This helps keep the coffee fresh for a lot longer. Separated all daily pickings and varieties. A daily picking is now only of one variety and is processed, dried and kept separate in storage.
Production process in short: The coffee is picked, processed and dried on the farm before it is delivered as dry parchment to the association.
Process: Cherries are handpicked.. After fermentation (overnight, 12 to 16 hours), the coffee is washed and floaters, and damaged cherries are separated. The coffees are rinsed in clean water before drying.
Drying: Drying in Huila generally done in parabolic dryers to cover it from the rain. Growers hand sort impurities and light beans. Part of the program is about building new or re-construct the dryers to increase ventilation and potentially add shade nets to slower drying. Finca Tamana is the premium example of how this should be done.

Variety: Caturra
Processing: Fully washed
Crop year: 2017

Flavor Notes:

- Citrus fruit
- Berry
- Raspberry
- Hops

Cupping score: 88