Ho Hwayt Myanmar Filter

Ho Hwayt Myanmar Filter



Wine Gums, Floral aroma

Myanmar has only recently been creating specialty coffees but is doing so with impressive speed and results. Our partner coop Hopong was able to organise coffee farmers from two villages in just one year and collectively process their very first batch of sun dried natural coffee - and even find an export outlet in the same season thanks to Sara Morrocchi.

Fed up with secretly producing opium for druglords while being prosecuted by authorities on the one hand, and selling poorly processed coffee to brokers and middlemen on the other, the Hopong farmers took a major leap of faith and fully embraced specialty coffee to become truly independent. Incredibly, they learned through social media that neighbouring communities were producing specialty sundried natural coffee with help from Winrock, an NGO. With loads of commitment and inquisitiveness, they managed to learn from these other communities how to elevate quality, secure better incomes and gain visibility in the international specialty coffee market - all with hardly any outside funding or training. 

After all this, they were able to create a first pilot batch of only three bags in 2017 that we spread thinly spreading throughout Europe. This season, there’s much more to go round, we were able to support all the farmers of the villages of Long Hay and Bant Sauk by buying their full harvest. Expect passion fruit and pineapple next to the already famous banana sweetness.


COUNTRY: Myanmar

REGION:  Hopong

CULTIVAR: Arabica S – 795, Catimor, Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon



Cupping score: 88.5