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Despite the fabled history, there’s something about coffee that makes it so darn to really pin down and get to know.


It’s as if the drink just somehow keeps re-inventing itself, revealing time and again a whole new depth to its character that’s been hidden away from us all this time.


So what’s really going on here? Are we simply witnessing the results of more and more coffee traders frantically scouring the globe, competing even, to find the most exotic beans and then paying absurd prices for the privilege to roast them to their heavenly perfection? Or are the latest pioneering coffee outfits like Amsterdam’s Lot Sixty One to thank for pushing the boundaries of what we can expect in the perfect preparation and delivery of mind-blowing single origins and blends? Most likely, the answer is both. Reviving the best of yesteryear and infusing it with a solid shot of today is what’s getting third wave baristas the world over leaping out of bed in the morning (pre-espresso, mind you) to get back to perfecting their craft.


The latest coffee reincarnation landed in Europe last summer in the form of cold brew. Because this preparation method doesn’t involve heat, it bypasses the bitter, acidic compounds normally found in coffee. So all you get is a sweet juicy brew! Refreshing from the outset, then kept cold and finally served over crushed ice, there’s nothing better to slam down fast on a hot summer’s day. And given all the hard work that the boys at L61 put into perfecting their own cold brew last year to get those divine syrupy and chocolate tones, it’s little surprise that it became the smash hit drink of the summer.


For those that missed it -or just couldn’t get enough of it- L61 is bringing their delectable brew back again this year for another round. Only this time -staying true to the evolution of coffee itself- they’ve taken it one step further by infusing it with nitrogen to bring the drink to its bubbly effervescent best. This means a summer full of the same cold caffeinated goodness you came to know and love last year, only this time with a rich foamy head that’ll make even the proudest craft beer turn green with envy. And for good reason too, since it’s served up from big brass tap and rustic wooden handle that’s actually more reminiscent of an old Irish tavern than the latest coffee hot spot. It’s all about coffee simply doing what coffee does best -forging together the very best of the past and present. Bottled for your enjoyment in Lot Sixty One’s Nitro Cold Brew!